Watts Atelier Online program: The Skull

I started back up with the painting program at Watts Atelier Online. I just finished a series of assignments that involves painting the skull, Asaro head and a cast. Each were to be painted from a profile, three-quarter and straight view as well as painting with combination of monochromatic colors. This was the second time I have done these assignments but it had been a year ago. But to do them again was worth it all.

Here is a profile view using the burnt umber pick out method. Burnt umber is applied in mid value. Lighter values are then picked out with cotton swabs, towels, brush dipped in gamsol or even with my finger.

Skull Profile burnt umber 060115

This assignment was to use burnt umber with white. The beginning of blending colors together.
Skull 3:4 painting 2

The final assignment is adding ivory black to titanium white and phthalo blue. Thalo blue is a very strong color so black and white toned it down. Quite a interesting but ghostly effects.
Skull Front thalo blue w blk wht 060115

5 thoughts on “Watts Atelier Online program: The Skull

    1. Thanks for viewing, Heidi. I will continue to post more assignments after finishing the series. Right now I’m in the Zorn palette videos.

  1. Hey Marlene – Fantastic. Jeffery Watts is a wonderful painter. Love his expressive realism. You are getting great training from his school, I bet. Looking forward to seeing your work in the program!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Tom. I like his online program because it’s structured which I badly need. The lessons are progressive – lessons are build upon the previous one…just like in a real life atelier.

      Do you know Jeff Watts personally? Have you gone to his atelier?

      1. Don’t know Jeff Watts, just admire his painting – powerful expressive realism. I have not taken any of his courses. I attend local open drawing and painting sessions, and studied once a week with a painting teacher for six months. I’m trying to acquire a consistent process for making a painting. Like a good golf swing, I want the process to be unconscious so I can focus on producing a satisfying result.

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