6 thoughts on “Ole Black Dog

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m working on Canson watercolor pad which I found can easily removed paint to bring back the white. It’s a nice touch.

      1. Thanks for the tip. If it’s easy lifting one is after, nothing lifts quite like Daniel Smith’s Watercolor Ground. I’ll explore the Canson pad, thank you Marlene. It is one beautiful little tribute to a very sweet dog.

      2. DS watercolor ground! I think I have that. Do you apply it on boards or other papers besides watercolor paper?

      3. Marlene, I dilute it a little first, to the consistency I feel is right for me. I use a soft bristle-type 2″ brush to then cover plain white mat board with a single coating, going after the type of surface I am happy with (you can make it go horizontally or vertically or cross-hatched and I like cross-hatched). You let it dry overnight. It tends to bend the board, but I just tape it down when starting to paint on it. But, that said, you can use it on a metal object or glass, or wood if making a painting on something quaint or rustic. The challenge is that it lifts so well, it doesn’t really accept multiple washes, as the wash beneath will lift with the one being placed on top. However, I find if I let the first application dry really well, I can in fact do another glaze, and another. Another nice thing….if one makes a really problematic painting error, using the ground to recover that area will let you start over. My June 11th posting of Sibelius Park was done on a mat board covered with watercolour ground, Daniel Smith. I’d love to see your own results so we could confer and compare.

      4. Thanks so much for a detail explanation on how to use DS watercolor ground. That you can actually use it on non watercolor objects is quite amazing. I found mine but since it hasn’t been used for awhile, it has dried up. So I added water and hopefully, it will soften. I do like the part of liften up well which I experience with the Canson watercolor paper. I’ll check out your post. Again thanks for the info!!

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