Watercolor Pet Portraits

I had been busy with painting more dog portraits for Pets Lifeline in Sonoma. Here are some of them and their stories provided by their owners.

Gemini – “Her name is Gemini. I adopted her in April 2020 from the Napa Animal Shelter; she was found wandering the streets after just having puppies. The shelter vet assumed from her physical condition that she was held for breeding. She escaped her captivity by gnawing her way through her kennel, breaking off her top 6 incisors. While escaping a broken wire ripped open the right side of her face, leaving a scar that unfortunately most people stare at instead of looking at her adorable ears or different colored eyes. With a beginning like that, you would assume she would be timid or not like people…au contraire, she’s so affectionate and LOVES both people and dogs of all shapes and sizes!”

Apollo – “We lost Apollo this month, he was my son’s best friend. He was a gentle giant who loved everyone.”

MoMo – “His name is MoMo and he was a rescue from Golden Gate Lab Rescue. He’s got a heart of pure gold like most doggies. I have raised dogs for people with disabilities for www.cci.org and they are always goldens and labs. MoMo is a rescue, MoMo is the name we gave him and is short for Monte Montgomery 😉 He has the most gorgeous chocolate eyes that are very large and he looks right into your soul… “

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2 thoughts on “Watercolor Pet Portraits

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment. The magic touch is part of a zen experience while painting.

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