Upcoming Calligraphy Class

I’m offering a calligraphy class at the Davis Arts Center. It’s a 4-week class that will cover the basics of calligraphy. The students will be learning the Italic hand by using a dip pen – very traditional method.

Here’s an example of Italic.

Final Copy

Register at the Davis Arts Center at davisartscenter.org or call 530 756-4100.

Should I or Shouldn’t I Do Calligraphy?

Before I became a dedicated oil painter, I was a dedicated calligrapher. I just finished this certificate fill-in for an UCD certificate – just the name and date.
Should I totally be committed to just oil painting? Or should I juggled between oil painting and calligraphy? I was sorting through some old calligraphy workshops notes and felt that familiar tug for lettering. Maybe just maybe I may reconsider.
P1000208 2

Writing on the Wall

My son is assisting me in painting a Bible verse on a church wall. I had spent many hours trying to figure out what is the best way to write on the wall. I’ve tried different acrylic paints – heavy body vs. fluid acrylics and even gouache. My plan was to freehand it. Well after a practice writing on my garage wall, writing the word, “Whoever” I stepped back and realized I had written “Whoever” “Whoevever”. With no error for mistakes, I traced the lettering. The painting became a piece of cake. My son took only 2 hours to complete the first coat.

Testing paints for a textured wall

All day, I tested paints on my garage walls.

First I tried the heavy body acrylics that is used for fine art. Too thick. Can’t create that nice thick and crisped lines. I often had to dipped back into brush to finish off the letters. I tried mixing in with an acrylic medium. Still no go.

Then, I tried house paint. Same problem. When I backtracked there’s streaking. And again frequent dipping.

Based on a suggestion by Carol Bosch, I tried fluid acrylic. Not bad. Transparent. Maybe that’s a possibility.

Another suggestion from another calligrapher by Dena Kuhn, use gouache. Clean, crisped lines. Can backtracked with no streaking. Except the calligrapher suggested spraying afterwards. But a possibility.