Pets Portraits commissions

Recently finished two pets portraits commissions.

“Bambi” is one of the smallest pet portraits that I do. Only 4 x 4 inches.

Dog Portraits

Two beautiful dogs. Such soulful eyes. The portrait of Stanley was in memory of. The client who hired me to do the portrait for Stanley’s owners, said that “They think you captured their beloved dog perfectly. They immediately hung it on the wall, and shed a few tears remembering dear old Stan.”

Cassie is a Boston Terrier. Such a fun dog to paint.

Cassie, 10 x 8 inches watercolor on art board

Pet portraits commission can be requested by emailing

Six Cat portraits

All six cats were commissioned by their owner. Watercolor pet portraits on 8 x 10 inches Canson art boards. Each cat obviously have their own personality and pose. The eyes, though, are the focus for each portrait.

Email for information about commissions.


Painting a cat in pot was a bit of a challenge. I worked to get the curves on the pot right. Not perfect, but it’s pretty close.

Sebastian, 12 x 9 inches oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

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Kukla and Paddy animal portraits

Kukla, Portrait of an African Grey Parrot; 10 x 8 inches watercolor on artboard by Marlene Lee
Paddy, Portrait of a West Highland White Terrier, 10 x 8 inches watercolor on art board by Marlene Lee

Love doing these animals especially the parrot. I’ve never done a parrot or any bird. But I painted them like I paint the furry animals, close attention to the structure of their heads and to the textures. With Kukla, I used lift the color with semi-dry stiff brush to create the ends of the feathers. It was a great challenge!

To commission a portrait visit my Etsy shop. I offered pet portraits in either oils or watercolors.


A delightful little chihuahua mixed. The little smile is a killer.

Dabs, watercolor on 10 x 8 artboard by Marlene Lee
Dabs, graphite on 12 x 9 inches paper by Marlene Lee

I often find the doing a pencil drawing first helps me to get into the “mood”.


Turk, oil on canvas panel, 9 x 12 inches by Marlene Lee

This is Turk. He is a dachshund and just loves the water.

Interested in a portrait of your pet? Commissions can be requested in my Etsy shop, Paintings by Marlene. I can do portraits in either watercolor or oils. I usually take about a month to finish up an oil portrait. Maybe two weeks for watercolor.