At the Pine Trails Horse Ranch

Pine Trails Horse Ranch was one of the Yolo Arts&Ag farm or ranch visits. I tried to capture the many aspects of this horse ranch.


A commissioned watercolor dog portrait. I usually do a drawing in pencil first and then in watercolor.

Joba, pencil, 12 x 9 inches by Marlene Lee
Joba, watercolor, 10 x 8 inches by Marlene Lee

Pencil Sketches of Dog Portraits

These are pencil sketches of the pet portraits for watercolor or oils. I usually like to do them for value studies and to figure out proportions. Once the proportions are figured out, I then make a photocopy, resize if I need to and then trace onto the watercolor paper or canvas. (The sketchbook that I am using is a sketchbook that I had purchased from Target. The paper is cream color slightly texture. At 240 pages, I bought it at a price less than $15. )

Pencil Sketch of Frankie, 10 x 8 inches by Marlene Lee
Pencil Sketch of Joba, 10 x 8 inches by Marlene Lee
Pencil Sketch of Bowser, 10 x 8 inches by Marlene Lee


A commissioned watercolor portrait. Such a delight to paint. The challenge was making sure that the toy colors did not compete with the black and white portrait of Mosley. To solve that I worked on lightened the eyes and lightened up the colors in the toy. It worked!

Pet portraits are available in my Etsy store, PaintingsbyMarlene. Portraits can be done in either oils or watercolor.