the Artery

I’m proud to announce that I had been accepted into the Artery. The Artery is an artists cooperative and was founded in 1974. They exhibit high quality arts and crafts and represent over 50 artists throughout the Sacramento Valley.

The art that I will be displaying there will be still life paintings.

Painting Plein Aire – Garden Pots

Before the weather got hot, I painted a couple of paintings outdoors in my backyard. Playing around with strong light and deep shadows.

Garden Pots on a Fence, 6 x 8 inches oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee
Garden Pots on a Patio Table, 6 x 8 inches oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

Kennedy Twenty20 Juried Exhibit

I’m proud to announced that I am one of twenty artists selected for this show held at the Kennedy Gallery in midtown Sacramento. As one of the twenty artists, we had to produced 25-8 x 8 inch paintings of a chosen theme.

Below are six of the 25 paintings that I had started in January. My theme is still life in cold wax and oils. I wanted to work in cold wax for its translucency. I found that I became more abstract with the background, that I’m freer to put in mark making and to create stencils for texture. I hope to continued working in cold wax.

The preview will be this Thursday from noon to 8 pm. The exhibit will run through May to July 4th.

Ginger Jar Commission

A commission for a Ginger Jar. This was a bit of a challenge because of the detailed design on the jar. But I found a brush, Silver Bristlon Round 0 that worked perfectly with fine details. My main objective in this painting was to created feeling of roundness, protruding out of the canvas.

Ginger Jar 2020
Ginger Jar, 6 x 4 inches oil on stretched canvas by Marlene Lee


2015 Paintings on Sale

During these times in quarantine, I found these paintings done in 2015. They are now on sale for $45 each on Etsy. These are small paintings varying from 5 x 7 to 6 x 8 inches oil on canvas panels. There’s even a square painting at 6 x 6 inches. Great for the kitchen decor.