Kukla and Paddy animal portraits

Kukla, Portrait of an African Grey Parrot; 10 x 8 inches watercolor on artboard by Marlene Lee
Paddy, Portrait of a West Highland White Terrier, 10 x 8 inches watercolor on art board by Marlene Lee

Love doing these animals especially the parrot. I’ve never done a parrot or any bird. But I painted them like I paint the furry animals, close attention to the structure of their heads and to the textures. With Kukla, I used lift the color with semi-dry stiff brush to create the ends of the feathers. It was a great challenge!

To commission a portrait visit my Etsy shop. I offered pet portraits in either oils or watercolors.


I just finished a watercolor portrait for an internet friend in Finland. The original painting is up for sale in my Etsy shop.

Emil 2019
“Emil” 10 x 7 inch watercolor on cold pressed watercolor paper #140 by Marlene Lee


Watercolor Portraits Practice

I’ve been getting up around 5. So to make use of the time, I practice watercolor portraits. My goal is 30 then 50 and eventually 100. These are done on Strathmore Visual Journal, 140# watercolor paper. These are just a sampling.

Let’s Draw Davis at the Farmers Market

Let’s Draw Davis sketchcrawl group met yesterday at the Davis Farmers Market. The weather was perfect after a week of rain and so it was packed with people. I capture the facepainting lady who is there every week. And then I attempted some people sketching…I was captivated with what people were wearing…such as the man with the red pants who was carrying a purple bag and wearing an oversized coat.

Facepainting Lady, watercolor and pen by Marlene Lee

Sketching People at the Davis Farmers Market by Marlene Lee

A Page of Bell Peppers in Watercolor

Bell Peppers 2018
Bell Peppers, 9 x 12 inches watercolor on Strathmore “Visual Journal” 140 lbs. cold pressed watercolor paper.

Here’s the process of one of the bell peppers.