Art Farm Gala 2022

Art Farm opening reception will be held September 14 at the Barn Gallery in Woodland. I had submitted two paintings for the exhibit. “Sunflower Field at Elkhorn Ranch” was submitted for the nonjuried exhibit. “Hidden” accepted into the juried silent auction exhibit. This year juror is Kurt Fishback, Sacramento photographer.

Sunflower Field at Elkhorn Ranch, 8 x 10 inches oil on canvas
Hidden, 8 x 10 inches oil on canvas

Two Eucalyptus Trees by the Lake

This painting was done on site at the M Three Ranch. I used this painting as a base for the larger painting below. My goal in painting landscapes this year is to paint studies on site and to use them to do larger paintings.

Study of Two Eucalyptus Trees, 10 x 8 inches oil on canvas panel.
Two Eucalyptus Trees by the Lake, 9 x 12 x 3/4 inches oil on stretched canvas

Both of these paintings might be for the Yolo Arts & Ag Project Gala in November. I haven’t decided which one.

Red Barn in early Morning Light

Red Barn in the Early Morning Light, 9 x 12 inches oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

This painting was done on Rominger Brothers Farm part of the Yolo Arts & Ag Project. Every month there is an invitation to artists and photographers to a farm or ranch located in Yolo County in California. In November there is a gala opening to view the arts create during these visits.

YoloArts Art Farm Events

I submitted these two paintings, The Tree and Red Shed for the Art Farm Events that happens every year. It’s an exhibition inspired by the farmlands of Yolo County. YoloArts had scheduled a monthly visit to the farms for artists to captured the California landscape in their medium.

There are two Art Farm Events. I had entered the Red Shed into the Art Harvest. This is a non-juried exhibit and viewers who had purchased a “shovel” gets to dig up the “art” that matches their number. The Art Harvest is also a preview for the juried exhibit, Art Farm Gala. This year will be jurored by Natalie Nelson of the Pence Gallery. There are awards totaling $1,000. Art that has been jurored in will be in a silent auction. This year I had chosen The Tree to be juried. I think it’s a winner. 🙂

The Red Shed, oils by Marlene Lee
The Tree on Clos Cavanis, oils by Marlene Lee

The Tree on Clos Cavanis Farm

I came up with another painting from a visit to the Clos Cavanis Farm in July. I discovered this lone tree by itself in the middle of a few fields. It was massive. I love how it dominated the whole area and make its presence known.

The Tree on Clos Cavanis Farm, 8 x 10 inches oil on linen panel by Marlene Lee

The process – the underpainting, general block in of local colors and the refinement.

The Red Shed

The July visit for the Yolo Arts and Ag Project was to Clos Cavanis Farm in Woodland. The most striking feature on this farm is the Victorian home that Van and Catherine Overhouse had spend 20 years remodeling.

Instead of painting the Victorian home, I went for the red shed.

The Red Shed, 8 x 10 inches oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

This painting maybe part of the annual Yolo Arts Farm and Gala in October and November.

Sunflower Field at Elkhorn Ranch

In June, artists were invited to the Elkhorn Basin Ranch in West Sacramento as part of the Yolo Art & Ag Project. This ranch has over 400 acres of sunflowers. In this painting I tried to capture the fields of sunflowers against the rolling hills. But I also wanted to capture the hazy sky caused by the fires.

This painting maybe part of the Art Farm Exhibit in October or the Art Gala Juried Exhibit in November in Woodland.

Sunflowers Field at Elkhorn Ranch, 8 x 10 inches oil on panel

CR25 Ranch in Esparto CA

Mountain View at CR25 Ranch in Esparto CA, 8×6 inches oils on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

I am back to participating at the Yolo Arts & Ag Project. It’s a project sponsored by Yolo Arts where artists/photographers are invited to private farms/ranch to captured the California landscape in paintings or photography. Every time I go and visit a farm I am captivated by the vast landscape and the faraway mountain ranges.